Nursing Floor: without resources to pay salaries, São Marcos Hospital threatens to close – Piauí

O St. Mark’s Hospitalthrough the Piauiense Association for Combating Cancer Alcenor Almeida (APCCAA), announced this Thursday (18) that, without resources to pay the new salary floor for nursesestablished by Law No. 14,434/2022, the hospital may close its activities.

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According to a press release, the change in the law does not establish the source of funds, which “demands large immediate expenses for the hospital, jeopardizing the full exercise of its activities”. Thus, the hospital’s management states that there would be an increase in expenses, where it would not be possible to meet the commitments, with the need to restrict the provision of health services.

Also according to the note, the management is making every effort with the Public Power, with the objective of obtainingr funding sources to comply with the law in a sustainable way. “If there is no solution to the problem, given the whole scenario presented, the hospital will have to close its activities”.

In operation for almost 70 years, Hospital São Marcos is philanthropic entity, provider of health services and the only High Complexity Center in Oncology (CACON) in Piauí. The hospital management highlights that services are provided to the Unified Health System (SUS), where more than 95% of cancer cases in Piauí are treated by the health unit. In addition, all cancer cases in children and adolescents who do not have private health insurance are treated by the hospital.

New salary floor

The law that establishes the national salary floor for nurses, nursing technicians, nursing assistants and midwives came into force on August 5th. THE Law No. 14,434 stipulates that throughout the country, nurses will not be able to receive less than R$ 4,750regardless of whether they work in the private sector or in the federal, state or municipal public service.

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For nursing technicians, the salary cannot be less than 70% of this amount, that is, R$ 3,325. Assistants and midwives, on the other hand, cannot receive less than half of the minimum paid to nurses, that is, below R$ 2,375.

The law establishing the national floors also determines that the wages and salaries currently paid to those who already earn above these floors must be maintained, regardless of the working day for which the worker was hired. And that also individual or collective agreements must respect these minimum values.

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Source: With information from Agência Brasil
Edition: Adriana Magalhães

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