PM catches man performing oral sex with his 9-year-old niece

pm car
(photo: PMMG/Disclosure)

After an anonymous complaint, the Military Police (PM) of Uberaba caught on Thursday night (8/18) a 60-year-old man performing oral sex on his 9-year-old niece, inside a car and on a dead-end street.

The suspect confessed to the crime and said that he has been engaging in sexual acts with the child since he was 4 years old. After giving a statement to the deputy on duty, he would be sent to the Penitenciria Professor Aloisio Incio Oliveira. The report contacted PCMG to confirm whether the suspect was sent to the penitentiary and what are the first information from the police investigation and awaits a response. (Updated report)

Moments before the man was arrested in the act, according to the police record, the girl said: “please (…) don’t arrest my godfather, because he’s good”.

the flagrant

Initially, according to information from the PM’s record, a police vehicle received a complaint from a driver who said that, shortly before, he had seen a suspicious car, entering a dead-end street, which gives access to a thicket, located in Residencial Parque dos sunflower.

Upon arriving at the scene, the military, still according to the occurrence, found the following scene: a silver Fiat Palio vehicle stopped at the end of the road, the man kneeling in the street next to the passenger door and, also out of the car, his legs of the girl, who was sitting in the car seat.

The police record also states that “the victim’s legs were on the shoulders of the suspect, who had his head between the child’s two legs”.

Suspect tries to run away

Upon noticing the police presence, initially, the PM said that the suspect disobeyed police orders, got up and ran, going around the back of the vehicle, opening the driver’s door and trying to escape from the scene,

Then, when he was prevented from fleeing, it is also reported that the suspect said the following sentence: “it was nothing, sir, have mercy, I’m just giving my girlfriend an oral”.

After that, at that moment, the girl got out of the car totally naked, telling her not to arrest her godfather.

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