Public is suspicious of a disguised remake in the next six o’clock soap opera

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When Globo aired the first teaser for Mar do Sertão, a new telenovela out of six on the network, the public immediately remembered Cordel Encantado, a plot from the same time slot shown in 2011. This is because the publicity piece used cordel elements, such as the rhyme and the woodcut, which also appeared in the story created by Duca Rachid and Thelma Guedes.

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With more calls in the air, the impression that a new Cordel Encantado (pictured above) was even greater. Mar do Sertão also takes place in the interior of the Northeast and brings, among its main characters, several archetypes that were also portrayed in the story of Açucena (Bianca Bin).


Cordel Encantado was set in the small town of Brogodó, home to colonels such as the villain Timóteo Cabral (Bruno Gagliasso). There, there were the mayor, the delegate, the priest and so many other figures that form this microcosm. Mar do Sertão repeats these elements, which now populate the small town of Canta Pedra.

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Another point that reinforces the similarity between Cordel Encantado and the new novel by Mário Teixeira is the presence of Débora Bloch in the cast. The actress, who was the villain Ursula in the previous plot, returns to play a shrew, Deodora. Renato Góes, Fausto from Cordel Encantado, is also back, as Tertulinho.



Sertão Sea

However, despite the similarities, Mar do Sertão is not a disguised remake of Cordel Encantado. In fact, the two stories are quite different. The main difference is that, unlike Cordel Encantado, Mar do Sertão is a contemporary soap opera, that is, it takes place today. Cordel was set in the late 19th century.

Another difference is that the city of Brogodó, from Cordel Encantado, was located between Sergipe and Alagoas, while Canta Pedra, from Mar do Sertão, is located in the interior of Bahia.

Finally, Cordel Encantado, as its name suggests, had a story with more playful elements, involving European kingdoms and a lost princess. Mar do Sertão, on the other hand, has its feet more firmly rooted in Brazilian reality, but making the expected concessions to the feuilleton.

In other words, it is the visual identity of Mar do Sertão that refers to Cordel Encantado. Furthermore, the two novels have different proposals.


When does Mar do Sertão premiere?

Sertão Sea

Mar do Sertão tells the love story of Candoca (Isadora Cruz) and Zé Paulino (Sergio Guizé). However, they are separated by fate: Zé Paulino suffers an accident and is presumed dead. After ten years, when he returns, his fiancee is married to his great rival, Tertulinho (Renato Góes).

The plot premieres on Monday, August 22, replacing Beyond Illusion. Mar do Sertão is written by Mário Teixeira, with general direction by Allan Fiterman.

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