Roberta Miranda reveals details of forbidden romance with transvestite

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08/18/2022 12:29

Roberta Miranda opened the game and revealed that he had already had a romance with a transvestite when he was young. Now 65 years old, the country singer was asked about how the relationship worked, in an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from the Metrpoles portal.

According to her, there were moments when she referred to Luz Del Fuegoknown for performing shows wrapped around a snake, with the incorrect pronoun. ‘We treated each other like this: it was her when we were on the show [que a travesti realizava] and he when we were in bed. We are very young, we are talking about something that happened 50 years ago. I started going to his concert a lot because I thought he was so handsome’said.

Roberta Miranda told details at the time he dated the artist, and stated that even the passion being giganticohFear of facing family prejudice prevented the relationship from moving forward.

‘I don’t know if my business is a boy, a girl or a transvestite. I dated a transvestite. Ali had complete – half man, half woman. Who eats everything doesn’t feel like it’said Roberta, who j stated that he considers himself a ‘trisexual’ person.

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