Russia says 3 MiG planes with hypersonic missiles were transferred to Kaliningrad region, according to media

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Thursday that three MiG-31E warplanes equipped with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles had been relocated to the Kaliningrad region, Interfax reported.

Russian state news agency RIA quoted the ministry as saying the MiG jets would be in 24-hour service.

Kaliningrad — a Russian exclave on the Baltic coast, located between NATO and European Union members Poland and Lithuania — has become a hotspot after Lithuania acted to limit the transit of goods to the region through its territory. , with Russia promising retaliation.

Tensions in the region have escalated even further since Russia sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine six months ago in what it calls a “special military operation”.

Earlier on Thursday, Finland’s Defense Ministry said two Russian MiG-31 jets were suspected of violating its airspace near the town of Porvoo in the Gulf of Finland, 150 km from Russia.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price called Russia’s announcements about repositioning equipment for defense and deterrence as nonsense.

“Russia does not face a threat from NATO. Russia does not face a threat from Finland. Russia does not face a threat from any other country,” Price told reporters.

(Report by Reuters)

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