São Paulo can earn more than R$10 million from the sale of Casemiro from Real to Manchester United | Sao Paulo

It’s not just Manchester United and Real Madrid that are directing attention to the transfer of midfielder Casemiro. São Paulo, the club that formed the athlete of the Brazilian national team, is also aware of the imminent deal, which could yield up to R$ 10 million.

Tricolor is entitled to 3% of the transfer value through FIFA’s solidarity mechanism. Casemiro was trained in Cotia and spent his first years as a professional at the Morumbi club.

According to the European press, Manchester United will pay 60 million euros for the Brazilian midfielder. In this case, São Paulo would be entitled to receive 1.8 million euros (R$ 9.4 million) for the transfer.

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In the negotiation between Real Madrid and Manchester, there is also foreseen a bonus of 10 million euros for goals stipulated in the contract. If this money, in the future, is directed to the Spanish team, Tricolor would also be entitled to 3% of it, according to the same FIFA solidarity rule.

So, another 300 thousand euros (R$ 1.5 million) are at stake. Therefore, the benefit of São Paulo with the transfer of Casemiro can reach up to R$ 10.9 million, taking into account the current price.

Casemiro is close to leaving Real Madrid for Manchester United – Photo: Getty Images

The sale of Casemiro is part of São Paulo’s financial planning for the season.

The Morumbi team has a sales target of R$ 142 million, which includes the direct negotiation of the club’s athletes and the benefits of mechanisms such as solidarity, responsible for maintaining the connection between Casemiro and São Paulo.

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Casemiro tells you the 3 things you don’t know about the Seleção

The midfielder of the Brazilian team, according to “Marca”, said goodbye to his teammates and should finish his trip to Manchester United in the next few days.

The British club, by the way, recently negotiated with another offspring of Cotia: forward Antony. But Ajax rejected the €8m bid.

In this case, São Paulo has an added value agreement with Ajax, which will yield 20% of the profit obtained by the Dutch in an eventual negotiation – the Amsterdam team bought the former São Paulo player for 16 million euros in 2020.

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