“These vices…”; Porto technician ‘shoots’ Gabriel Veron and backstage arrive at Palmeiras

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Sérgio Conceição opened the game on the two-time Libertadores champion bought by the Portuguese for 10 million euros (about R$ 55 million)

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF |  Gabriel Veron is the subject of an interview at FC Porto
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF | Gabriel Veron is the subject of an interview at FC Porto

Gabriel Veron was acquired by Porto in negotiations with Palmeiras for figures at the home of the 10 million euros (about R$55 million). For now, the 19-year-old has played three games for the team led by coach Sérgio Conceição, still without scoring goals or being responsible for assists.

Despite praise for the ex-Verdão’s talent, the commander fired on beautiful – and ineffective – plays that shirt 7 still tries to make in crucial moves in the match. The coach took as an example the ‘Brazilian pass’ that the palmeirense jewel tried when the score was still 0-0 against Vizela, for the Liga NOS.

“He (Gabriel Veron) has these characteristics (of appearing well in the attack zone). Veron is a very fast player and has fantastic timing for the depth attack. In that first move, I remember very well, he waited well and in an intelligent way for João Mário’s late pass. It’s the work we’re doing. Then, if there is an intention to do it, I am satisfied”, said.

Sérgio Conceição goes further and mentions that efficiency matters: “When (players) try to do different things with such ‘addictions’… If I can make a pass with the inside of my foot, I won’t do it with the sole. It looks more beautiful in Brazil, but here and everywhere it is less effective,” he added.

“Veron could let Galeno go free when it was 0-0 and we needed to score a goal to win the game. He wanted to make a pass like Brazilian, like futsal. It’s nice to see, but it’s not that effective.” concluded the Dragons high ranking on what Veron will need to strive to evolve in Europemainly because the football culture there is different from what is practiced in Brazil.

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