TSE Minister suspends transfer of public funds to Roberto Jefferson’s candidacy | Elections 2022

Minister Carlos Horbach, of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), determined this Friday (19) the suspension of transfers of public resources to finance the campaign of former deputy Roberto Jefferson (PTB) for the presidency of the Republic.

The minister responded to a request from the Electoral Public Ministry, which defends the rejection of Jefferson’s candidacy record.

According to the MP, the politician is ineligible until December 2023 as a result of having been convicted by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in 2012, in the monthly allowance trial.

Roberto Jefferson’s criminal sentence was pardoned, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office argues that this does not affect the “side effects” of the conviction – that is, that pardon did not restore the politician’s ability to run.

In the challenge, the Electoral MP asks that the case be decided urgently to prevent Roberto Jefferson’s campaign from accessing public resources from the Electoral Fund.

In his decision, Hobarch suspended the use of resources from the electoral fund and the party fund, which are supplied with public funds and can be used to finance campaigns, until the challenge of registration is analyzed by the TSE.

The minister mentioned that the Electoral Justice has a pacified understanding that the pardon does not reach the secondary effects of the conviction.

According to Horbach, “in this case, there is also the danger of damage in relation to the release of funds of a public nature to subsidize a candidacy that, immediately, reveals itself to be tainted with a very probable ineligibility”.

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