Voltz raises prices on its electric motorcycles in August

Voltz is one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands in the country, delivering an exclusively electric portfolio and already operating in the segment of delivery services in São Paulo, for example.

However, although the energy has not increased, the company’s costs seem to have and its bikes have now become more expensive in August, being the EVS and EV1 Sport models.

Manoel Fonseca, CMO and one of the partners at Voltz, said: “Currently, the global industry faces many challenges, especially companies that import material from China. The production cost and material cost increased significantly in the country, which resulted in an increase in the cost of our final product”.

With many imported components, parts and systems costs, Voltz ended up passing on the increase to its products, which rose an average of 7.5%.

Thus, the EV1 Sport electric scooter now costs from R$15,990, while the street model EVS starts at R$21,490.

In the EVS Work version, aimed at the delivery market, the model starts at R$ 19,290.

All models mentioned start with prices including a detachable lithium battery, which can be recharged externally or on the bike itself.

Considered as the “Tesla of the Northeast”, where its headquarters are located, Voltz has big plans and wants to expand a network of battery replacement points, where the customer arrives with the motorcycle, removes its cell and connects another fully charged one, paying a fee. rate.

The brand also innovated by creating a version of the EVS for the delivery service, with a lower speed and range suitable for urban use.

With a lower price, EVS became more suited to the service and through a partnership with the iFood app.

Voltz EV1 Sport and EVS – Prices

  • Voltz EV1 Sport 1 battery – R$ 15,990
  • Voltz EV1 Sport 2 batteries – R$ 19,990
  • Voltz EVS 1 battery – R$ 21,490
  • Voltz EVS 2 batteries – R$ 26,990
  • Voltz EVS Work 1 battery – R$ 19,290
  • Voltz EVS Work 2 batteries – R$ 24,790

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