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Abraham Weintraub and Jair Bolsonaro
President Jair Bolsonaro and former minister Abraham Weintraub (photo: Marcos Corra/PR)

Former Minister of Education Abraham Weintraub used social media to comment on the incident of President Jair Bolsonaro and Youtuber Wilker Leo, this Thursday (18/8). In the publication, Weintraub states that the Chief Executive was irritated by the nickname “chuchuca do Centro”, because “truths are harder to swallow”.

On his Twitter, Weintraub stated that the left, in calling President Jair Bolsonaro “misginous, racist, fascist, genocidal”, is lying, because the Chief Executive is nothing like that. Despite “defending” Bolsonaro from the accusations, Weintraub declares that he cannot deny that Jair Bolsonaro is “Tchuchuca do Centro”.

“Ridiculous lies don’t hurt. The left lies when cursing President Bolsonaro as misgynist, racist, fascist, genocidal, etc. Bolsonaro is none of that. Never was. So keep calm. J, Chuchuca do Centro? from Waldemar? Truths are much harder to swallow…”, wrote the former minister.

In another publication, Weintraub returned to using the nickname, posting a montage of the Chief Executive and the president of the PL and symbol of the center, Valdemar Costa Neto, writing: “After having to ask for PIX for the PL, now Valdemar is convincing his Tchuchuca to open a channel on OnlyFans”.

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Despite the statements, the former minister declared his vote for the president last Wednesday (17/8). In his video series “Weintraub Without Filter”, he stated that between the “horrible ending and endless horror”, he will choose Bolsonaro.

According to the former minister, the two issues that make him vote for the Federal Chief Executive are freedom and anti-corruption. “Two things I look at, freedom and honesty,” he said. “President Bolsonaro only has one strategy to get along and survive for himself and his family,” added Weintraub.

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