Will Gasoline Prices Fall AGAIN? Petrobras announces!

During that year, many people who owned some type of vehicle ended up leaving them in the garage or even selling them. That’s because the prices of gasoline ended up increasing a lot.

It is worth remembering that the event was due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, since Brazil imported the product from one of the countries. Now, the government and Petrobras are doing everything they can to reduce the price even further.

Will Gasoline Prices Fall AGAIN?  Petrobras announces!
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Low fuels

During the 15th of August, Petrobras commented that the price of gasoline will be even lower for distributors. The percentage will now be 4.85%. This week the price will no longer be R$ 3.71 and will go to R$ 3.53 per liter, which is equivalent to a reduction of 0.18 per liter.

This price for distributors has been in place since the last reduction, which took place on July 29. It is worth remembering that in comparison with the year, fuel is still up 14.24%.

It is worth remembering that during the last month, gasoline became about 15.48% cheaper directly at the pumps, considering an average price, as shown by the National Consumer Price Index (IPCA). In the last 12 months, it was possible to notice that the increase is still 5.6%.

Currently, the drop in prices in the month is mainly due to the imposition of a limit on the ICMS rates that will be levied on fuel values.

The National Petroleum Agency usually publishes a price survey on a weekly basis. However, since the attempted attack on the system used at the agency, the service has been out of order for two weeks.

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ICMS limitation

Since June, the law that seeks to limit ICMS values ​​on products used to provide a form of power to vehicles such as fuels, natural gas, electric energy, among others, came into force.

The text established that these and other services are now considered essential goods and services.

Previously, states could impose the rate they wished on prices, however, with the novelty, it is now prohibited to charge an amount higher than the general ICMS rate, which should vary between 17% and 18%.

Depending on the states, previously, the values ​​could reach 30% as they were considered superfluous items and services for the population. In this way, it is now possible to wait, more and more, for the decrease in gasoline prices.

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