Atltico’s ‘Stone in the shoe’, Gois ‘fregus’ in games in Belo Horizonte

Vargas balance
photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Vargas scored in the first game and should return to the team

Atltico is getting ready to face Gois, this Saturday (20/8), at 4:30 pm, in Mineiro, for the 23rd round of the Brazilian Championship. Anyone who knows the history between the clubs expects a difficult game, as the team from the Midwest has complicated Galo’s life on several occasions. Despite this, the record in Belo Horizonte is favorable to Alvinegro.

According to figures from Galo Digital, there were 25 clashes between Atltico in Gois in BH, with wide white superiority: 13 victories, seven draws and five defeats, with 42 goals in favor and 25 against.

In Minas Gerais, there are two other games, both with Atltico winning, in Sete Lagoas and Ipatinga.

In the overall history between the clubs, according to data from Galo Digital, Atltico also has an advantage: 25 victories, 19 draws and 17 defeats. Galo scored 89 goals and conceded 78.

The fan should expect a complicated game, just like the confrontation of the first round. The rooster drew with the goals 2-2 at Serrinha. Hulk and Vargas scored for the alvinegro team. Apodi and lvis stuffed the nets for the Goiás team.

Atltico is looking for victory to get closer to the teams at the top of the table. The Rooster is in seventh place in the Brazilian, with 35 points. Palmeiras leads, with 48. In turn, Gois tries to move away from the relegation zone. The Midwest team has 26 points, three more than Ava, the first club in the Z4.

History of eliminations

photo: Bruno Cantini / Atletico

Gois ‘stone in the shoe’ of the Atltico

The Gois the great terror of the athletic in knockout tournaments. In the first two editions of the Copa do Brasil, in 1989 and 1990, the Esmeraldino team, which had the star Tlio Maravilha as the star of the squad, eliminated Alvinegro.

In 1989, Galo lost 3-0 at Serra Dourada, won 2-0 at Independência, but it wasn’t enough to guarantee classification. The following year, there was a 0-0 draw in Minas Gerais and a 4-3 victory for the alviverde team in Goinia.

The teams faced each other again in 2001 for the Copa do Brasil, with a new black-and-white elimination. Gois won 3-1 at home and drew 2-2 in Belo Horizonte.

In 2012, another elimination in the tournament. Just like today, Cuca was in charge of Atltico, who lost the first game away from home by 2-0. In the return match, at Independência, Galo won by 2-1 and ended up being eliminated.

In the Copa Sudamericana, Góis also showed their strength against Atltico. In 2004, the team from Goiás beat Galo 4-2 at Serra Dourada. In Belo Horizonte, draw 1-1.

Five years later, in 2009, once again for the Conmebol competition, Atltico was arrested for the Midwest team: the 1-1 in both matches led to the decision by penalty, and Gois won 6-5.

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