Bellintani says Bahia can’t match Davó’s proposal, but player wants to stay at the club | football

Guest of issue #100 of Segui o BAba, podcast by ge which airs this friday, President Guilherme Bellintani confirmed that striker Matheus Davó received a proposal from Russian football. The manager said that he has already been notified by Corinthians, the club that loaned the athlete to Bahia.

Davó in Bahia vs. Ituano — Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia / Publicity

Also according to Bellintani, Tricolor does not have the financial conditions to match the proposal to keep the player. On the other hand, the president did not nail the attacker’s departure.

According to Bellintani, Davó said he was happy at Bahia. The striker evaluated that he is living the best phase of his career and has not yet made a decision about accepting the Russian proposal. He is Tricolor’s top scorer in Serie B, with eight goals scored.

– We were notified by Corinthians. It is a proposal that is impossible to match, from the point of view of player acquisition. We don’t have the money to acquire the player today. But, the player talked to us yesterday and said that he wanted to stay at Bahia, that he was at the best moment of his career, that he believed that he was happy here, his wife was happy. Words spoken to me by him. That he has never been as good at a club as he is, as far as participation is concerned, feeling important in the process, like living in Salvador – said Bellintani.

– I said: ‘make the decision you think is best. If you want to go, we understand. We can not do anything. If you want to stay, you will be very well received. The crowd will treat you even more affectionately than they already treat you. And you will continue to be very important in our campaign.’ Now, economically, we don’t have any conditions to match the proposal. If he stays, it’s because he wants to stay – added the president.

These and other subjects were addressed during the recording of issue #100 of Segui o BAba, ge’s podcast that airs this Friday. Bellintani also spoke about the Bahia SAF and spoke for the first time about hiring Marcinho, accused of running over and killing a couple, in 2020.

Matheus Davó has an offer from a Russian football club. The Corinthians striker is on loan to Bahia, which can match the amount to keep the player. If Davó is traded, Tricolor is entitled to a showcase fee.

Davó is Bahia’s top scorer in the Brazilian Series B, with eight goals.

He also scored in a game in the Copa do Brasil and has scored nine goals since arriving in Salvador. In the season as a whole, the account reaches eleven, because he had already scored twice for São Bernardo, in the Paulista Championship.

At 23 years old, the player is experiencing the most goalscoring phase of his career. The anniversary was even celebrated with a goal in the 1-1 draw with Londrina, last Tuesday [assista ao lance no vídeo abaixo].

At 17 min of the 1st half - goal from inside the area of ​​Davó do Bahia against Londrina

At 17 min of the 1st half – goal from inside the area of ​​Davó do Bahia against Londrina

In a press conference at the beginning of the week, Davó evaluated the good moment he is experiencing with the tricolor shirt and celebrated the good numbers of the season.

– Absolutely (it’s the best phase). Happy with these numbers, I want to improve more and more. (…) Focus and patience, training, advice. I didn’t even have 100 games in my career, I needed this development, and Bahia supported me and had patience for me to improve – said Davó.

The striker debuted on the professional scene with the Guarani shirt in 2019. The following year he was bought by Corinthians, but played only seven matches for the club, and scored two goals.

Since then Davó has been loaned by Alvinegro. He returned to Guarani and also passed through Philadelphia Union (USA) and São Bernardo until he landed in Cidade Tricolor to defend Bahia in April this year.

The striker’s link with Corinthians runs until the end of 2024.

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