Businessmen who are part of a pro-coup group have loans from the

Among the businessmen who are part of a WhatsApp group in which they defend a coup d’état if former President Lula (PT) wins the October elections, there are debtors to the Union and owners of companies that took out loans from the National Bank of Social Development (BNDES). The coup threats were revealed in a report by journalist Guilherme Amado published on the website metropoliseson Wednesday afternoon (17).

Despite the harsh criticism leveled at the PT and the left and the staunch defense of right-wing ideas, according to a survey carried out by the Brazil de factoa constant relationship with the State, reaping benefits from this proximity.

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According to the report’s monitoring, the group has attacked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), exalted the Armed Forces and even suggested violent acts to prevent Lula from returning to the Planalto Palace. The best-known members are Luciano Hang, owner of the Havan department store chain, and Afrânio Barreira, of the Coco Bambu restaurant chain, marked by their support for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) since 2018.

The article also mentions other businessmen who are part of the group and who exchanged messages with an undemocratic content, linked to different sectors of the economy, such as José Isaac Peres, owner of the shopping mall giant Multiplan; José Koury, owner of Barra World Shopping, in Rio de Janeiro; Ivan Wrobel, from construction company W3 Engenharia; Marco Aurélio Raymundo, known as Morongo, owner of the surfwear brand Mormaii.

Other figures, these lesser known, also appear in the revelations made by the report of Metrópoles. They are: Mayer Nigri, from the contractor Tecnisa; André Tissot, from the Sierra Group; Vitor Odisio, executive of Thavi Construction, Carlos Molina, owner of Polaris; and Marlos Melek, federal labor judge.

Read a brief profile of each of them below:

Luciano Hang

The businessman owns the Havan department store chain, founded in 1986. He is an outspoken supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and a critic of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who leads this year’s electoral race.

wanted by Brazil de facto, Hang said he is in favor of “democracy, freedom, order and progress”. She also said that it has nothing to do with messages about coups exchanged in the group and that she never manifests herself there.

According to a report by metropolises, however, has already posted predictions about the upcoming presidential elections in the group. He said he hopes Bolsonaro will be elected this year and that his former minister Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), now a candidate for governor of São Paulo, will be elected in the 2026 and 2030 elections.

From 2005 to 2014 – during the governments of Lula and ex-president Dilma Rousseff (PT) –, Havan obtained 50 loans from credit lines from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). In all, the operations involved more than R$ 20 million.

Afrânio Barreira

Afrânio Barreira owns the restaurant chain Coco Bambu, founded in 1989 and which today has 64 units. Barreira is also a supporter of Bolsonaro. In the 2018 election, he even donated BRL 20,000 to the current president’s campaign.

Barrier declared to metropolises that it has never expressed itself in favor of any conduct that is not institutional and democratic. He did, however, send a picture of a man giving a thumbs-up when another member of the group spoke of a breakup.

“I participate in several groups with colleagues and friends that deal with different issues, and sometimes politics. I often express myself with ’emoticon’ reactions to some message, without necessarily endorsing its content,” he declared.

According to a list of debtors maintained by the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury (PGFN), seven companies linked to the Coco Bambu network have debts with the Union. Only one of them owes more than R$ 470 thousand reais to the government.

Marco Aurélio Raymundo – “Morongo”

Marco Aurélio Raymundo, known as Morongo, is the founder and owner of the surf clothing brand Mormaii, founded in 1976. According to messages obtained by Metrópoles, he is one of the most extreme businessmen in the group.

He supported the military act convened by President Bolsonaro for the holiday on September 7, in Copacabana, in Rio; he said it was a coup to have released “the prisoner” and that the “supreme” acts against the Constitution.

Mormaii, from 2010 to 2013 – during the Lula and Dilma governments – obtained almost R$ 4 million in loans from BNDES.

José Isaac Peres

José Isaac Peres is the founder and majority partner of Multiplan, one of the largest shopping mall companies in Brazil. The company controls 19 shopping centers in seven states.

According to metropolises, Peres attacked election polls in the group with businessmen. He said they are manipulated to confirm the results of “secret polls”.

The BNDES includes loans to the companies Multiplan Emprendimentos Imobiliários and Multiplan Engenharia e Construções signed during the Lula government.

Peres did not respond to metropolises. O Brazil de facto could not get in touch with the businessman until the closing of this report.

José Koury

José Koury owns Barra Shopping, in Rio de Janeiro. the space is one of the first themed malls in Brazil and has more than 400 stores.

He, according to metropolis, started the discussion about the possible coup in Brazil in the group of businessmen. He said that he preferred a break to the PT’s return. He also defended that Brazil’s return to being a dictatorship would not prevent the country from receiving foreign investment.

He also suggested paying bonuses to employees during the election period, which could amount to vote buying.

To metropolises, Koury confirmed that he preferred a coup to the PT’s return to the presidency. “We live in a democracy and I can express my opinion freely. I didn’t say that I defend a coup d’état, but that maybe I would prefer that to a PT comeback. For me, the return of the PT will be a huge setback for the country’s economy,” he said.

Ivan Wrobel

Ivan Wrobel owns W3 Engenharia, a carioca construction company specializing in high-end real estate. In the group of businessmen, he says he has been a Bolsonaro voter since the time when he was still a candidate for federal deputy.

In the group, he also talks about an alleged fraud in this year’s election. “I want to see if the STF has the courage to rig the elections after a military parade on Av. Atlântica with the troops applauded by the public”, citing the act scheduled for September 7.

Wrobel did not respond to metropolises. O Brazil de facto could not get in touch with the businessman until the closing of this report.

Meyer Nigri

Meyer Nigri is the founder of the construction company Tecnisa, founded in 1977 and considered one of the largest companies in the real estate market in Brazil. It operates in the market in an integrated manner, carrying out incorporation, construction and sales of real estate.

In the business group, Meyer attacks the Federal Supreme Court (STF). “The STF will be responsible for a civil war in Brazil.”

Nigri is considered one of Bolsonaro’s closest businessmen and responsible for bringing the president closer to different characters.

To metropolisesNigri said that he may have forwarded a message he received to the group of businessmen he received, but “This does not mean that I have spoken or agreed”.

To Brazil de factoTecnisa declared that “it is a non-partisan company, which defends democratic values ​​and whose institutional positions are restricted to its business activities”.

André Tissot

André Tissot, is president of Grupo Sierra, a company from Rio Grande do Sul that specializes in the sale of luxury furniture. Tissot, according to metropolisesdefended in messages that the coup in Brazil should have taken place in 2019.

“The coup would have had to have taken place in the first days of the government. [Em] 2019 would have gained another 10 years more”, he published.

Tissot did not respond to metropolises. O Brazil de facto could not get in touch with the businessman until the closing of this report.

Victor Odisio

Vitor Odisio presents himself on Instagram as an engineer, licensed builder in Florida (United States), mentor and investor. He is also president of Thavi Construction, a construction company operating in the US.

In the group with businessmen, Odisio predicts that Bolsonaro will not win this election because of the Superior Electoral Court and because of the electronic ballot box. “You have to intervene first, forget about the TSE, set up an electoral commission (as almost every country in the world does), vote on paper and go on with the game! Simple as that,” he wrote.

On his Instagram, Odisio has a photo with blogger Allan dos Santos, considered a fugitive by the Brazilian police after being convicted by the Federal Supreme Court.

Odisio did not respond to metropolises. O Brazil de facto could not get in touch with the businessman until the closing of this report.

Carlos Molina

Carlos Molina is Portuguese, but lives in Rio. He is a managing partner at Polaris Auditores, a company that benefited from a R$250,000 loan operated by BNDES in 2020, that is, during the Bolsonaro government. The loan has not yet been paid off.

In the group of businessmen, Molina refers to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF, as skinhead. On July 7, when commenting on the news about the explosion of an artifact with human feces in a Lula rally in Rio, Molina: “It is totally unnecessary. It won’t be long for Alex skinhead declare this a terrorist attack with a biological weapon.”

Molina did not respond to metropolises. O Brazil de facto could not get in touch with the businessman until the closing of this report.

Editing: Rodrigo Durao Coelho

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