CBF surrounds itself with care in Brazil Cup draw after discord

After controversy in the previous phase, the CBF took care to provide transparency to the regulation of the draw for the field managers of the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil, which took place this morning (19) at the entity’s headquarters, in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, in the West Zone (RJ). Club that protested against the criteria in the quarterfinals, Flamengo left satisfied this time, but heard “pins” in a good-natured tone.

The ceremony was presented by journalist Lizandra Trindade and coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, world champion with the Brazilian national team in 1994, was invited to draw the balls. Before that, however, the CBF competition director, Julio Avellar, went to the stage and explained in detail all the steps and the regulation that would guide the process.

Unlike the other clubs, which sent representatives of lesser political weight, Flamengo was present with the vice president of football, Marcos Braz, the executive director, Bruno Spindel, and the director of external relations, Cacau Cotta. The trio watched closely in the front row.

Unlike the previous phase, Rubro-Negro – who will play the return game at Maracanã (RJ) – was satisfied both with the explanations of the draw and with the definition of being able to decide at home against São Paulo.

“As for the part of the draw, it was very well explained, very well put even for those who made the provisions. Congratulations to CBF and congratulations to Flamengo, who brought this ‘final’, because for me it’s a very important game, and we will be in our atmosphere, with our fans and inside our house”, declared Marcos Braz, complementing the club’s protests in the previous phase:

“Even because I had the problem in the last draw, now I was much more careful, the situations were much more exposed. So that’s it, it was very clear, it was decided on the first ball. In the first ball, there was no need to have another draw, and that’s all then he made the situation very transparent”.

CBF director ‘nudges’ Marcos Braz

After the draw, CBF leaders were still present in the entity’s auditorium. O UOL Esporte, who was on the coverage, witnessed a more informal dialogue between them, praising the presentation and execution of the draw. One of those who were in the conversation revealed to have given a good-natured “pin” to Marcos Braz.

“I told Marcos Braz: ‘Now the draw is clear, right, Braz? [risos]”, the manager would have said.

The first game of the semifinal between Flamengo and São Paulo will take place next Wednesday (24), at Morumbi (SP). The return will be on September 14, at Maracanã (RJ).

The other semifinal will be between Corinthians and Fluminense, on the same dates, with the first leg at Maracanã (RJ) and the return match at Neo Química Arena (SP).

understand the controversy

The CBF has adopted a specific criterion for years when clubs from the same city compete in the Copa do Brasil. For security and logistical reasons, when this occurs, the commands of these teams are reversed.

In the draw for the quarter-finals, Flamengo and Fluminense were to be drawn as they are now. At the time, following the pre-defined regulations, Tricolor ended up being drawn beforehand, which made Rubro-Negro automatically decide the duel against Athletico-PR away from home, at Arena da Baixada (PR).

The president of Fla, Rodolfo Landim, at first was outraged, claiming that the command was randomly defined. The leader even considered joining the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) against the decision, but gave up on the idea.

In the round of 16, against Atlético-MG, however, Rubro-Negro is the one who had been “favored” by this criterion, deciding at home, as well as now, against São Paulo, in the semifinals.

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