Encounter: Patrícia Poeta commits a new gaffe live and quotes journalist from a rival broadcaster: “I also like it a lot”


The presenter was embarrassed and joked about the situation, causing a wave of ‘memes’ on the web: “Someone is watching a lot of Masterchef”, commented an internet user

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

O ‘Date’now led by Patricia Poet and Manoel Soareshas come under heavy criticism on the web since Fátima Bernardes announced his departure. The presenter took the ‘The Voice Brazil’ by choice, as he would like to breathe new air at the station and live different experiences. The decision took everyone by surprise, but was not stopped by the bosses and executives.

“I’m passing a baton for the second time, and it’s the second time I’m passing it on to Patricia, right? It’s very nice of you to deliver a beautiful son, you know? All tidy. So, that’s how I’m feeling very proud and very happy to give it to Patrícia, to Manoel”said Fatimain an interview with ‘Fantastic’the week of his farewell.

On the morning of this Friday (19), Patricia Poet went viral again twitter after committing a gaffe live. The journalist, who would like to send a hug to her colleague Ana Paula Araújoended up citing Ana Paula Padrãowhich commands the ‘Masterchef’ at TV Bandeirantes. The mistake, as you can imagine, had repercussions on all social networks and became a ‘meme’.

“As I promised on ‘Bom Dia’, to our friend Ana Paula Padrão… Ana Paula Padrão is great, right? Ana Paula Araujo. Ana Paula Padrão also like it a lot”joked Patricialaughing. “But, as I promised Ana, we are now going to show the image of a doctor who was removed after jumping over the wall and escaping from the duty at the Municipal Hospital of Aracaju”he added.

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