Abel Ferreira detonates arbitration in the elimination of Palmeiras: “feeling of revolt”

Coach Abel Ferreira did not spare criticism of the refereeing team after the elimination of Palmeiras in the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores this tuesday. In the press conference, after the match, the Portuguese highlighted the performance of his team and also of Athletico-PR, but put the elimination in the referee’s account.

“The feeling is one of revolt. Revolt is what we feel”, defined the coach in one of the responses.

Palmeiras had Murilo sent off at the end of the first half, after referee Esteban Ostojich reviewed the bid in the VAR booth. Thus, Verdão had to play the entire second stage at a numerical disadvantage. Before that, however, Alex Santana elbowed Rony in dispute inside the Palmeiras area, and only got the yellow card. That was the main complaint by the alviverde side after the match.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a yellow for aggression. A great pride to be the coach of these players. In what the players controlled, they did everything. They are very sad, because they deserved to leave this competition in another way, not for a third party. There were factors with a direct impact on the final outcome. Everyone saw the same. We’re sad, but it’s no use. Congratulations to Athletico-PR, which will go down in history”, analyzed Abel Ferreira.

Following, the Palmeirense coach avoided talking about chasing the club that is the current two-time champion of the Copa Libertadores. Even so, Abel again criticized the performance of the referee, pointing out that the mistakes were decisive in the elimination of Verdão.

“I have no idea whether there are intentions behind it or not. Congratulations to Athletico-PR, it was a great game, but unfortunately the refereeing was not at the level of these players and these two teams. I believe they are mistakes, we are all human, but these mistakes cost a lot, because they have a direct impact on what the club’s organizations are. The way it was, it’s tough,” added Abel.

With the elimination, Palmeiras loses the opportunity to win the third consecutive Libertadores Cup, and the fourth in its history. Thus, the club is now fighting only for the title of the Brazilian Championship, of which it is leader with 51 points, seven away from Flamengo, in second place.

Abel Ferreira’s team returns to the field this Saturday, at 21:00 (Brasília time), when they receive the lantern Juventude, at Allianz Parque.

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