Antonia Fontenelle lets the dogs out over big controversy in court with Klara Castanho

Antonia Fontenelle
Antonia Fontenelle spoke about controversy in court with Klara Castanho (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Antonia Fontenelle decided to speak out about the new chapter of the controversy involving klara brown. The presenter criticized the press that reported that the young actress would have asked for her and Leo Dias’ arrest.

“I never imagined and see the level we are living in this country, especially in terms of journalists”fired the blonde, disgusted.

“I am impressed with the level. In this country, you just need to call yourself a journalist and have a pen in your hand to say whatever you want, and everything is fine.”he added.

Without taking a position on the subject, Antonia Fontenelle also stated: “You are uninformed, irresponsible. What you do is a disservice and I will never bow my head to you because you apprentices of irresponsible journalists commit crime”.

Antonia Fontenelle’s defense speaks out

The candidate for deputy from Rio de Janeiro also posted a note from her lawyers regarding the matter involving Castanho. “The news that actress Klara Castanho would have asked for the arrest of Antonia Fontenelle is denied by her lawyers.says part of the text.

“Fontenelle expresses repudiation of the news, claiming to be biased and frivolous, being the victim of persecution by some journalists, who in an orchestrated way are attacking her with more intensity at this moment in her political campaign as a candidate for Federal Deputy of Rio de Janeiro”, adds the statement.

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Then the full presenter’s defense: “In the criminal complaint filed against his client, the request is for conviction for the alleged crimes of defamation, libel and slander, and not imprisonment. This is an embryonic process and will still be analyzed by the MP. There is absolutely no such thing as a prison.”

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