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The song “We are the Champions” blared over the Mineirão sound system. Carrying photos of deceased relatives, Atletico fans have never filled the stadium so much after the renovation. Record attendance to welcome champions. It was in a Galo x Bragantino that the Minas Gerais club received the 2021 Brazilian Cup. It will be in a new duel that Cuca’s team tries to get closer to the G-6.

With embezzlement, defender Réver becomes option in Atlético's midfield

With embezzlement, defender Réver becomes option in Atlético’s midfield

The two teams face each other this Wednesday, Independence Day, at 5 pm, in an early game of the 26th round. Different situations, of course. Atlético tries to take the bitter taste out of this final stretch of the season with a direct spot in the Libertadores. Bragantino, who finished 11th in the 2021 Brazilian and has not won for five rounds.

For Atlético, only victory matters. It has much more weight than the search for those 4-3 on December 5, 2021, with more show by Keno and Zaracho, in addition to Hulk’s cavadinha, players with dyed hair, Dadá Maravilha entering with the cup, Reinaldo carrying it in the final, the fans invading the field and the consecration after 50 years.

Atlético players champions of the Brazilian 2021 — Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

This time, Atlético remains in seventh place, with Cuca again on the bench, the team is packed with the victory against Atlético-GO last Sunday. There are 39 points, three less than Athletico-PR and Fluminense, the last places in the G-6.

Hulk will not be on the field this Wednesday, as he suffered a rare muscle injury at Atlético (left calf). The natural replacement must be Eduardo Sasha, with Alan Kardec as an option for the second half. Mineirão will not be as crowded as it was in 2021, but at least 35,000 athletes are expected for the Brazilian’s afternoon duel.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Premiere Brasileirão banner — Photo: Reproduction

Remember the historic Atlético 4×3 Bragantino:

Atlético faced Massa Bruta on December 5, 2021, for the 37th round of the Brazilian Championship. He was already national champion when he beat Bahia 3-2 on the previous Thursday (December 2), in a game postponed from the 32nd round. The preparation for the game against Bragantino was a lot of celebration and fair celebration.

At the closing ceremony of the match, a very symbolic gesture. Dadá Maravilha, Atlético’s top scorer and author of the winning goal against Botafogo in the 1971 title, took the Brazilian Cup to the center of the pitch. Other idols of the club were also invited to Mineirão.

Dadá Maravilha with the Brazilian Cup — Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

The new Mineirão, renovated in 2013, has an audience capacity of 62,170. For security reasons, when there is no visiting crowd, the maximum occupancy is 61,573. This was precisely the audience of Atlético 4×3 Bragantino. In other words, as long as it follows these capacity models, Mineirão will only be able to receive an equal, never greater audience.

The match also yielded an incredible R$7,170,013.30 to Atlético’s coffers, from box office income. To give you an idea, in the 2013 Libertadores final, when Galo was champion against Olímpia, the net income from the game was R$ 8.8 million.

Atlético fans were 100% occupied at Mineirão — Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

Atletico players did not have the usual preparation for the confrontation. Naturally, they were still in the party mood. Coach Cuca spared Hulk, who only came on in the second half in place of Diego Costa. Keno, illuminated, opened the scoring with a kick outside the area, at 20’/1ºT.

Bragantino, however, managed to scare. It reached the equalizing goal in a good move by Artur, in which Everson palmed, but Ytalo completed. At the beginning of the second half, Artur himself would score, with a high kick after a corner kick. Galo would draw with Zaracho, after a play by Keno, and would turn to 3-2 with Savarino, after a play by Zaracho.

Already on the field, Hulk scored 4-2 in a beautiful “cavadinha” in Cleiton’s face, reaching 19 goals in the Brazilian, and finishing the top scorer campaign. Bragantino would still decrease in a beautiful goal by Artur, again on the right wing.

Celebration and Souvernirs

The match still had 10 minutes of added time until the final whistle. When referee Rodolpho Toski Marques ended the match, Mineirão exploded. Some fans managed to enter the field of play. The players’ relatives came to hug them.

Coach Cuca appeared alongside his mother, Dona Nilde, and granddaughter Eloah, as well as wife Rejane and daughters Maiara and Natasha. Galo still had a Copa do Brasil final to play (but the coach expanded his strength among the best in the club’s history).

Cuca and family in the celebration of the Brazilian title of the Rooster — Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

The Brazilian Cup soon began its pilgrimage of the endless Olympic rounds. Some athletic influencers seized the moment. And Reinaldo, who hit the post so many times, and was moved by Hulk’s goals, can finally be Brazilian champion as a fan.

As the lights went out, onlookers and fans took home memories from the lawn of that historic game. One of Mineirão’s hammocks, on the beam facing the city, was completely torn apart by a stiletto, and each piece was disputed as a souvenir, as well as tufts of grass ripped by the hands.

Eternal memories that Atlético perpetuated in a backstage video. And the season would end with the Copa do Brasil trophy. Only Libertadores was missing, also pursued in 2022, and now the target of direct classification from the group stage until the end of the current season. There are 13 “finals” left.

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