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Cell phones of the future will advance health and wellness features. With the use of artificial intelligence, they can even detect snoring and coughing while the user sleeps. As far as Google is concerned, the technology will be in the next generations of the Android 13 system’s “bedtime” tool. The discovery came after experts from the portal 9to5Google parse the lines of code from version 1.2 of the APK. The feature would work in conjunction with the microphone to hear the user’s snoring and coughing during sleep.

Google’s Digital Wellness Hub was introduced in Android 9, with the aim of, for example, helping the user to spend less time on social media apps (such as Instagram and TikTok) in order to track “digital health ” person’s.

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Coughing and snoring will appear next to existing information about using the app — Photo: Playback/9to5Google

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Cough and snoring tracking data should serve as the basis for a more detailed sleep quality report. According to the publication of 9to5Googleit will be necessary to manually enable the new functionality, in addition to granting access to the smartphone’s microphone, even if the component is only active during predefined hours.

The expectation is that the new feature works in an integrated way with the Google Clock app, which is now capable of putting together an estimate of how much the person slept. To do this, the app uses the smartphone’s gyroscope as well as the ambient light sensor to verify that the phone has been motionless all night.

The app’s lines of code also suggest that coughing and snoring data will appear alongside existing information about how long the apps have been used. In this way, there would be a panel with the weekly view of the graphs with the average cough count and the average snoring time.

There is still no information on when the function will be officially available. Google also did not indicate whether coughing and snoring monitoring will be rolled out to all devices or just select models. The portal SamMobile believes it can reach Samsung cell phones.

with information from 9to5Google and SamMobile

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