Federal Revenue will allow renegotiation of small value debts

Adherence to the renegotiation of small-value debts must be formalized by November 30, through the e-CAC.

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Last Thursday (1st), the Federal Revenue published the notices that regulate the special renegotiations of debts of small taxpayers and debts that the Tax Authorities, the country’s treasury authority, considers irrecoverable.

According to the agency, approximately 100,000 individuals, micro and small companies can negotiate up to R$1.8 billion in small debts and another 2,500 taxpayers can pay R$10 billion in tax credits.

In addition, the funds will be included in the special renegotiation of R$1.4 trillion of debts above R$10 million that are not yet under judicial challenge. The request for an individual tax transaction can be carried out by 10,000 companies and public bodies.

Payment terms for debt renegotiation offered by the Federal Revenue

Small debts are those that do not exceed 60 minimum wages (R$ 72,720 currently). Payments can be made at a discount, down payment in installments and in installments of the remaining amount in up to 52 months.

Irrecoverable credits are debts contracted for more than ten years by bankrupt taxpayers, in judicial or extrajudicial recovery. This category can also add debts from companies with a lowered, unsuitable or suspended CNPJ. The pending payment can be made with a discount, down payment in installments and in installments of up to 120 months.

Federal Revenue: how and until when to join debt renegotiation

Membership must be formalized by November 30th. To carry out the procedure, the interested party simply accesses the Federal Revenue Service Virtual Center (e-CAC) and selects the “Tax Transaction” option in the “Service Concentration Area” field.

The tax transaction was created in 2020 to facilitate the installment of business debts that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Before, it was only offered by the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury, but this year it was expanded to the Revenue through Law 14.375/2022, sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro.

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Image: rafapress / shutterstock.com

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