Giovanna Ewbank recalls Bruno Gagliasso’s engagement with Danielle Winits: “It was the first”

The presenter and actress Giovanna Ewbank remembers her husband’s engagement with actress Danielle Winits; check out

The presenter and actress Giovanna Ewbank opened the game by remembering her husband’s engagement, Bruno Gagliassowith also actress Danielle Winits this Tuesday (6th).

During your podcast, ewbank didn’t beat around the bush when he made it clear what he thinks about her husband’s old relationship:

“She launched trends in the soap opera, it was like the peak”she began, praising her husband’s ex.

Then the mother of Titi, Bless and Zyan declared that, contrary to what they think, she is open to talking about the subject:

“It’s a lie that I don’t like to talk about it because I think she [Winits] Wonderful”, declared the presenter.

Ewbank even said he believed that winits was the first famous girlfriend that her husband came out with to the public:

“Bruno was her fiancé, they almost got married. I think she was his first famous serious girlfriend. Then came several others.”

please note thatDanielle Winits and Bruno Gagliasso announced their relationship in late 2003. After nine months of dating, the artists became engaged, but the relationship came to an end in September 2004.


the beautiful Giovanna Ewbank appeared on social media with a very daring look.

The blonde was wearing a short miniskirt and a low-cut top. Sitting in a super bold pose, she almost let her breasts escape.

In another click, she left her super healed belly exposed and her skinny body was evident, including her super thin waist. To complete the look, she invested in a white boot.

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