MasterChef 2022 Final: Learn how to make the Lays menu

Check out the dishes below and learn how to make them:

Entrance: “Scallop”

“I start the tasting with an ingredient that represents my family at heart: the Vieira family. I met André, my life partner, 15 years ago. Sometimes it’s hard to explain our connection with words, but I feel like we know each other from other lives”, justifies Lays about the dish.

Main course: “Fake food”

“When my brothers and I were little, we didn’t always have something to eat for dinner. Although hunger was cruel, our father’s creativity and optimism to face life saved us from reality that was sometimes very painful. We liked to play restaurant. Our father would take the orders and ask us to imagine what we wanted to eat. (…) Despite being a simple man, our father was very cultured and knew the finer things in life. So, he always ‘eat’ lobster”, says the finalist.

Dessert: “Lays Ice Cream”

“To finish the menu, an ice cream that mixes the flavors of Japan and Brazil, to embrace the soul”, explains the designer.

Judges’ ratings


Henrique Fogaça says that “it took a little while” for Lays’s dish to reach perfection. However, the starter was greasy. “The dish is very well assembled, beautiful and pleasant. It is potent in flavor and also delicate. But it’s a little greasy. A little less and it would ‘close’ perfect”, he opines.

Main course

Eric Jacquin highlighted the balance of the finalist’s main course. “When you served the dish, I thought it was missing sauce. Then I tried it and changed my mind. The carrot is so tasty it could be a sauce. And the vegetables are very sweet, so it has a really nice contrast. It’s a well-balanced dish, there’s no excess of anything”, evaluates the Frenchman.


Already Helena Rizzo saw a “zen garden” in Lays’ dessert, which ended the tasting menu. “Your dessert is very fragrant, it looks like we are eating a flower. The ice cream is very well made, well stabilized, balanced and very good. I would have added more raspberry to give it more freshness”, says the chef.

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