Mercedes-Benz will lay off 3,600 employees at the ABC plant in São Paulo

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil will eliminate 3,600 jobs at the factory in São Bernardo do Campo, in the ABC region of São Paulo. The number is equivalent to 35% of the 10,400 employees at the plant that produces trucks and buses and 60% of the personnel in the areas that will be affected.

The automaker informs that it decided to outsource activities in sectors such as logistics, maintenance, manufacturing and assembly of front axles and medium transmission, tooling and laboratories. The measure will directly impact 2,200 workers.

Factory employs 10,400 workers and will cut 35% of them
Factory employs 10,400 workers and will cut 35% of them Photograph: Mercedes-Benz/Disclosure

The German group will also not renew the temporary contracts of 1,400 employees that expire in December, according to a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

In this case, the justification is to adjust to the demand of the commercial vehicle market, which, in his view, should fall next year.

Mercedes-Benz management says that the automotive market has become more dynamic and that the sector’s competitiveness will continue to intensify due to the transformation of traditional technologies to new forms of propulsion, such as electric vehicles.

Due to these perspectives, and the increase in cost pressure, it claims that it is necessary to focus on its core activity, which is the manufacture of trucks and bus chassis, in addition to the development of technologies and services of the future.

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The president of the ABC Metalworkers Union, Moisés Selerges, said that he learned of the measures yesterday afternoon, in a meeting at the entity’s headquarters with the president of Mercedes, Achim Puchert.

The union leader did not want to give details of the decision, as he wants to first hold an assembly with the workers, scheduled for tomorrow, at 2 pm.

The automaker’s management states that “it will make all possible efforts to reach a negotiated solution (with the workers and the union), with transparency, respect for all those involved and commitment to society.”

It also highlights that it has invested R$ 2.4 billion in the country since 2018 – a plan that will be completed this year _, it launched the 4.0 factories for trucks and bus chassis and high-tech and safety products. One of them is the eO500U urban electric bus chassis.

In less than three years, the city of São Bernardo do Campo, known until recently as the largest automotive hub in the country, has already lost the factories of Ford – which closed its activities in the country – and Toyota, which is transferring its local operations to the interior of São Paulo, where they have other units.

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On the site where the Ford plant operated for 50 years, a large logistics center is being built. Toyota will finish transferring its activities to the car units in Sorocaba and Indaiatuba and engines in Porto Feliz in 2023, and then it must negotiate the sale of the building where it operated for 60 years.

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