Mother of Marília Mendonça moves with heartbreaking account of grief

Ruth Moreira
Ruth Moreira, mother of Marília Mendonça, vented about the moment (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Ruth Moreira opened his heart and made a sincere outburst by participating in the More you, on Globo, in the last week. the mother of Marília Mendonça was invited to record a special statement.

In the attraction, she participated in the painting Resgatar Seu Brilho and sent a message to Ana Aula, a woman who lost her son before Christmas last year after he committed suicide.

In the message, the mother of the sertaneja spoke about the pain of losing a child and gave advice to the participant of the program:

“Hi Ana Paula. I’m Dona Ruth, and I’m here to give you a little message. Just like you, I also have a daughter who is a little star, who is living in heaven, just like you have Lucas.”

And I want to tell you that I got too attached to God for me to be surviving and I looked for something to do, which is my kitchen, my channel. Day after day I go to work and this is therapy for me“, he added.

Marília Mendonça’s mother talks about pain

Ruth, who lost her daughter at age 26 in a serious plane crash in November last year, continued: “If you were looking for something you would like to do too. When we occupy our minds, our heads, it passes“.

Finally, she stressed how difficult the lack is. “This pain is tremendous, because I also went through and go through this pain every day, it’s not easy to live day after day because every day we remember. But I’m here to give you that strength and tell you that we’re going to move on“, he concluded.

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