OnlyFans muse, fighter shows her breasts to distract her husband’s rival

success in OnlyFans, an adult content platform on the internet, former wrestler Chelsea Green went viral last weekend. In an attempt to distract her husband’s opponent during a fight in the United States, the woman showed her breasts.

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Retired from the ring since last year, Chelsea Green was one of the stars of Wresting. The woman is married to Matt Cardona and has helped her husband by attracting Jimmy Lord’s attention. The former fighter lifted her shirt and showed her breasts, covered only by a sticker.

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Chelsea Grren’s husband recovered in the fight and hit his opponent in the groin. The audience at ‘The Art of War’ also went wild with the scene. The 31-year-old woman has already won the All Star Championship once.

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“Chelsea Green doing everything to help her husband! This is real love”, “Chelsea Green with the perfect distraction” and “Master of psychology in the ring” were some of the comments on the subject on social media.

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