PT questions in the STF Eduardo Bolsonaro talks about legalized gun owners being ‘volunteers’ of the president | Policy

The PT presented to the Federal Supreme Court a request for an investigation against deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) on account of the statement, on Twitter, in which he says that anyone who bought a legalized weapon has to become a “volunteer” of President Jair Bolsonaro. .

According to the deputy, these volunteers should seek campaign material, such as saints and stickers, to publicize Bolsonaro’s candidacy. Eduardo is the president’s son.

“Did you buy a legal weapon? Do you have a shooting club or attend one? So you have to become a Bolsonaro volunteer”, wrote the deputy on the social network.

The party’s request was made this Tuesday (6) within the scope of the investigation opened in the Court that investigates the organization of a digital militia aimed at attacks on democracy and the democratic rule of law. This investigation is being reported by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

The party pointed out that the parliamentarian’s conduct can be framed in the Law for the Defense of the Democratic State of Law; and it can also mean an affront to the Constitution – both to freedom of expression and to the ban on the use, by political parties, of paramilitary organization.

“At first, this message could be read as a mere regimentation of people who agree with the same political vision to engage in the campaign. However, the authoritarian escalation of the President of the Republic’s acts, which echoes within his followers, directs the speech of the Noticed to another conclusion”, affirm the lawyers of the acronym.

“Eduardo Bolsonaro’s speech, therefore, represents a serious call to true private armed militias to swell the ranks of those who are committed to an authoritarian and undemocratic project of non-recognition of public authorities and of the fairness of the electoral process, which is prohibited. by the Constitution of the Republic and by the Law for the Defense of the Democratic State”, he added.

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