Suspected treason? Watch out for these 3 traits of an unfaithful person

Cheating is an experience that anyone can go through, as the individual has no control over the behavior of other people. An unfaithful person is liable to hurt those who trust him at any time, so it is worth examining some traits that are common to individuals with such a background.

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Read on to discover what traits infidels have in common.

Top 3 traits found in every infidel

Be aware that your partner has these characteristics, as it is often a sign that something may be wrong in the relationship. Check out the three most common traits among traitors to keep an eye on.

Apathy is a very common characteristic to be seen in this type of person. Usually those who are colder, are not very friendly and do not convey empathy for others. In addition, they almost always only care about what concerns themselves.

Lying is usually the most obvious trait that a person is or has been unfaithful. These individuals seek to maintain absolute secrecy about their dubious attitudes. And the lies are not just in the contexts that involve betrayal, but also in other aspects of the couple’s life.

Most of the time, unfaithful people are very liars and in an almost compulsive way as they usually do this to brag about their rights or gains. You have to be careful and pay attention!

  • Has an aptitude for manipulating

Another strong trait that is always present in unfaithful people is the art of manipulation. They know how to play with the feelings of others and how to get what they want through guilt, distorting the truth. Lies, for example, are still a tool to get the other person to do what they want.

Do you believe an infidel can change?

People who have been unfaithful in the past are more likely to do so again, a new study shows. According to research from University College London, the more a person lied about the facts of their life, the less guilty they felt.

Research has shown that a powerful factor that prevents us from committing infidelity is our emotional response to it, that is, how bad the person feels about it. In this way, the adaptation process reduces this response, which allows us to betray more and without problems.

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