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it was already expected that Don’t Worry, Honey was to generate commotion in the press and on social networks, and not just out of curiosity to see the singer Harry Styles in yet another movie venture. After the avalanche of positive reviews for his directorial debut in Outstandingexpectations were high to see what Olivia Wilde would do in his second film, especially with such a sudden change of genre and a stellar cast, made up of names like Florence Pughone of the best actresses of her generation.

However, hardly anyone could have guessed that the headlines would talk so much less about the work itself, and more about its supposedly troubled backstory. Between rumors of betrayal, discomfort and creative disagreements, as the release approaches, there is little room to talk about the story of Alice (Pugh), the disruptive housewife in a utopian fifties society, and a lot of gray area about what is fact. and what is speculation.

In addition to the interest in the intimate lives of celebrities, something for which everyone shares some level of responsibility, the growing buzz is also mixed with sexist comments, which when not villainizing Wilde for dating Styles — for being an actor in his movie, for the difference in age or simple envy —, they put him as the reason for the supposed disagreement between the director and her protagonist — either because of a salary disparity between the stars, or because of a so-called love dispute. It is, therefore, an unfortunate scenario in many ways, but above all because it revives (or highlights) old habits of the industry, which profits from conflict between women, whether it is real or not.

In the face of so much said, told me, we tried to separate the rumors from the facts and explain what is really known about the climate on the set of Do not worry, dear; check below:

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