19 food baskets or 1655 L of gasoline: what price does the iPhone 14 buy? – 09/07/2022

Minutes after the official announcement of the price of the iPhone 14, Brazilian consumers began to do the math. Some, to buy Apple’s new smartphone; others, to see what could be bought with the value.

The announced price in the United States starts at $799 for the most basic model. In Brazil, the 128gb model, which is the first on the list, will cost R$7,599.

O UOL lists a table with products and services that could be purchased with the amount spent on an iPhone 14.

The consultations were made in physical commercial establishments in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, and in stores that sell the products online, based in the capital of São Paulo.

  • Gasoline
    R$ 4.59/liter, it is possible to buy 1,655.5 liters of fuel, which guarantee autonomy of 21,521 km in a popular vehicle that has a consumption of 13 km/L.
  • Ethanol
    R$ 3.79/liter, you can put 2,005 liters, which, in a car that consumes 10 km/L, would be enough to run 20,050 km.
  • Diaper pack size S with 34 units
    For R$ 30 a package, it is possible to purchase 253 packages, totaling 8,602 diapers.
  • Official team shirt Brazilian
    With the World Cup approaching, and for the price of R$ 350 a unit, you can buy 21 shirts and distribute them to the family — or you can build your own team, if that’s the case.
  • Basic basket without products cleaning
    The average price found for the product was R$ 390 per unit. With the iPhone’s R$7,599, it would be possible to buy 19 baskets and still have approximately R$190 left over.
  • Basic basket with products from cleaning
    Costing an average of R$600 a unit, you could buy 12 baskets — or even 13, if you can find a slightly lower price — and guarantee your home will be maintained for a year.
  • “Barbecue Kit” with ‘noble’ meats plus drinks for 15 people
    The report calculated meat kits that are sold by butchers and specialized houses, with five 2-liter soda bottles and four beer crates, reaching a final value of R$ 750. With the R$ 7,500 from the iPhone, you can guarantee 10 parties of this type, for 150 people.
  • iPhone 11 (new, with 64gb capacity)
    With an estimated price of R$3,680, it is possible to buy two old-model devices and still have a few reais in change.
  • iPhone 8 (used)
    A used phone in the online market costs approximately R$1,700. It would be possible to buy four phones and still have a “change” of R$ 799.
  • Trip to Fernando de Noronha
    In the inquiries made by the report, it is possible to buy a five-day and four-night package in Fernando de Noronha, a Brazilian paradise island, paying R$ 5,807 per person, including airfare (departing from Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas) and accommodation in a traditional island inn. With the BRL 7,500 for the iPhone, it would still be possible to save just over BRL 1,000 for expenses during the trip.

In theory, the American company’s new phone should arrive in Brazil within a month, but it can only be marketed after Apple resolves the charger issue.

The giant was fined R$ 12 million by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security for selling versions of the iPhone without chargers, and smartphones would have their registrations at the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) revoked.

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