Anitta deletes photos and stops following her boyfriend after outbursts

posted on 07/09/2022 16:18

  (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @anitta)

(Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @anitta)

It seems that Anitta and music producer Murda Beatz may have ended their relationship. After the singer published on twitter an indirect in the form of an outburst, on the night of last Tuesday (6/9), fans of the artist were in an uproar and also realized that she filed the photos with Murda from Instagram and stopped following him on the social network. The unfollow was reciprocated by him on the same platform.

Anitta started the outburst by saying that she was feeling used. “There are people who choose to inhabit this murky environment so they can enjoy the pot of gold, but they want to pull you along. They want to use you as a rescue if they’re drowning, even if it can harm you. But happiness is freedom, and depending on a pot of gold,” he wrote. “(Whatever that gold is for you within your reality) is not freedom. Dependence is the opposite of freedom, without freedom there is no way to know how to love yourself. And you only know how to love the other who loves yourself” , he added.

Afterwards, the artist published a text that deals with reaching the end of the rainbow and discovering the pot of gold, but realizing that her innocence is gone. “It is possible to take the way back, but it is impossible to take back the beauty that ignorance gave to your vision of things. The glow of the pot of gold along with the darkness that was around you, changed your eyes forever”, she concluded. .

Anitta and Murda Beatz assumed that they were together in June of this year. The producer, who has worked with big names like Ariana Grande and Drake, accompanied the singer to the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) in August, when she won the award for Best Latin Music for the hit Envolver, making history in Brazilian music.

In defense of Anita

Wasting no time, Brazilian fans of the singer “invaded” the Canadian’s social networks to defend the artist. They filled with comments a video posted by Murda, in early July, in which Anitta appears dancing to the hit No More, in partnership with Quavo, J. Balvin and Pharrell. “Lost,” wrote one of them.

Many of these fans are already “shipping” the singer with the Colombian Maluma, who has already partnered with the singer in some songs, among them, the recent success He Who Waits.

His name became one of the most talked about topics on the web after the artist published a cryptic message in Instagram stories, shortly after Anitta’s followers speculated that she ended her relationship with the producer. “You will find someone new to love today,” Maluma shared.

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