Antonov An-225 pilot will see up close a rare miniature of the plane, destroyed in the war

Photo: Shannon Airport

Due to its strategic geographical position and having the longest runway in Ireland, at 3,200 meters, Shannon Airport has served, over the years, as a stopping point ad hoc (sporadic) to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of aircraft. His vocation served as an inspiration for the administrators of the place to start a collection of miniature aircraft from around the world, which now reaches 1,500 copies.

The gallery, however, was recently reinforced with a 1:200 scale model (about 35 cm) of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, the world’s largest commercial aircraft for over 30 years, until it was destroyed in Ukraine in March, after the Russian invasion.

The inclusion of the model is of special significance to Shannon, as the aircraft was a relatively frequent visitor to the Irish airport during her services, carrying the largest cargoes around the world. When the cargo was destined for Ireland itself, it was there that the hexamotor stopped, as it was the only airport in the country capable of receiving it.

As part of the celebration of the miniature’s inclusion in the exhibition, the airport invited the well-known Antonov Airlines chief pilot, Dmytro Antonov, to tour the site and take a photo alongside the model of the aircraft he flew for so many years.

On this, Mary Considine, CEO of Shannon Airport Group, said: “It was an honor to have Dmytro visit our aviation gallery to see the new Mriya exhibit on display and we would like to thank Michael for all his work in finding this rare model.”

In his speech, Considine references Michael Kelly, an enthusiast who donated his collection of model aircraft to Shannon Airport, helped the airport find a rare scale model of the AN-225.

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