Bolsonaro committed abuse of power, says TSE minister

A minister and a former minister of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) told the column in a reserved tone that there was an abuse of power in the speech given by President Jair Bolsonaro at the Esplanada dos Ministérios during the celebrations of Sete de Setembro. It is up to the court to investigate whether or not there was an irregular practice, based on an action eventually proposed by a party, candidate or the Electoral Public Ministry.

Questioned by the column, the legal departments of two candidacies are studying to file a lawsuit with the TSE. However, first they will wait for the speech that the president will make in Rio de Janeiro this afternoon.

Complementary Law 64, of 1990, establishes that “any political party, coalition, candidate or Electoral Public Ministry may represent the Electoral Court, directly to the General or Regional Inspector, reporting facts and indicating evidence, indications and circumstances and requesting the opening of an investigation court to investigate improper use, diversion or abuse of economic power or power of authority, or improper use of vehicles or means of social communication, for the benefit of a candidate or political party”.

According to the minister and former TSE minister consulted, Bolsonaro used an official event, in which he should participate as president of the Republic, to speak as a candidate for reelection. If the practice is judicialized, an AIJE (Electoral Judicial Investigation Action) will be opened, to be conducted by the TSE Inspector, Minister Benedito Gonçalves. The penalty foreseen is the loss of the candidacy registration or electoral diploma, in addition to the declaration of ineligibility for eight years.

In its defense, Bolsonaro’s campaign can claim that the speech was not given at an official event, because the president left the place intended for the authorities, removed the banner and climbed into a private truck before taking the microphone.

In his speech, Bolsonaro said that, before him, the country was “mired in corruption”, and that his opponents “will not return”. He was careful not to name any opponents in the elections, but recalled that on October 2 there will be elections – which, according to him, will be a “fight of good against evil”.

The president took the opportunity to reaffirm his ideological agenda against the liberalization of abortion, against the decriminalization of drugs, in defense of private property and the “fight against corruption for real”. He also enumerated his achievements: the Auxílio Brasil, the decrease in fuel prices and, in his opinion, the “thriving economy”.

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