Buaiz talks about separation from Wanessa Camargo and sends a message to the singer: “Be happy”

This last Tuesday (06/09), Marcus Buaiz, ​​43 years old, spoke for the first time about the separation of the singer Wanessa Camargo, 39. In an exclusive interview granted to “GQ Brasil Magazine”, the businessman highlighted that he is in a reconstruction phase of his own history and said that he even got a tattoo to mark the rite of passage!

++ According to the website, Marcus Buaiz is depressed after separating from Wanessa Camargo

Marcus Buaiz gets a tattoo after separating from Wanessa Camargo and sends a message to his ex

During the chat, Marcus revealed that he decided to immortalize the phoenix on his back, to symbolize all the transformation he is going through in this new phase of his life. But what drew the most attention in the interview is that the businessman also made a point of sending a message to his ex-wife: “I will limit myself to saying that I want Wanessa to be very happy. Thanks to her, I have my children [José Marcus, de dez anos; e Francisco, de oito]which are the most important in my life.“, he declared right away.

Wanessa Camargo’s ex-husband says he still keeps in touch with the singer’s family

Then, Buaiz also said that he maintains contact with the Camargo family, like his ex-sister-in-law Camilla Camargo and ex-mother-in-law Zilu Godoi: “My relationship with them is forever.“, said.

Separation – Learn more

Marcus and Wanessa’s union was announced in May of this year, but there were rumors that the relationship had been in crisis for some time. After 17 years of marriage, they struck a deal and included a silence clause, meaning neither of them will be able to give details of the process publicly. In addition, the two also decided to proceed with the shared custody model for raising their two children.

++ Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella assume relationship for the family, second cousin

Dolabella data

Since breaking up with Buaiz, ​​Wanessa has resumed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Dado Dolabella, 42. Some even say that the divorce was due to her relationship with the actor and singer. In the past, the singer and the famous dated in the early 2000s and, at the time, the relationship was marked by controversy in the media.


Marcus, in turn, says he is single: “I’m slow, boyfriend of myself. I want to take this time to build a new story.“, he stated.

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