Chico Buarque makes fun of offenses and mocks Bolsonaro at a show

posted on 07/09/2022 15:46 / updated on 07/09/2022 15:47

  (credit: MAURO PIMENTEL)


The singer Chico Buarque, 78 years old, made jokes, on the night of this Tuesday (6/9), with the insults he receives from opponents of the PT, during the premiere of the national tour. How about a samba?in João Pessoa.

“They call me bologna, left-wing caviar, a mammal on the government’s tits. I don’t bother anymore. You can even call me a chutchuca, but a music buyer, no. I don’t buy music,” he said, good-naturedly, while sang blues bankruptcyhis and Edu Lobo.

“But I can sell. Who’s going to buy it?”, says one of the verses of the song.

At the end of the show, Chico Buarque raised a flag with Lula’s face and made the ‘L’ sign with his hand as a sign of support for the PT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

In the show’s list of songs, Chico Buarque included compositions that refer to the musician’s political militancy, such as settlementwhich is part of a CD dedicated to landless families, and How about a samba?which names the tour and in whose lyrics the singer proposes a move to Brazil from “brute force” and “so much dementia”.

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