Discreet, Pedro Bial has been married for years and has a beautiful family

Pedro Bial enchanted everyone by making a very rare appearance alongside his family that few people know

Despite being one of the most famous presenters in Brazil, Pedro Bial is quite discreet when it comes to his personal life. The artist usually keeps some things restricted from the media and makes a point of preserving the family from controversy and the spotlight.

Therefore, few people know the details about the global’s personal life, such as the fact that he has been married since 2015 and has children. However, recently the famous made a very rare appearance alongside his family and enchanted everyone with the undeniable beauty of the members.

Alongside Maria Prata, his wife, and their two youngest daughters, the presenter appeared at the cinema in the guest session of the film ‘Pluft o Fantasminha’. On the occasion, the commander of ‘Conversa com Bial’ appeared holding hands with the woman, while the girls drew attention for their friendliness, even in front of the cameras, and their size.

It is worth noting that Pedro Bial is the father of two little girls, Laura, 4, and Dora, 2, as well as Theo, 24, and José Pedro, 20.

Pedro Bial enchants in a rare appearance alongside his wife and daughters - Photo: Reproduction
Pedro Bial enchants in a rare appearance alongside his wife and daughters – Photo: Reproduction


Pedro Bial declaiming his thoughts on social media

Very demure, Pedro Bial appears publicly with his great loves and surprises who he is married to

Pedro Bial appears in a rare moment with his family (Reproduction: Montage TV Foco)

Pedro Bial, very discreet, makes a rare public appearance with his great love, daughters and impresses

Pedro Bial (Reproduction)

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In another rare moment, the presenter participated in ‘Mais Você’, by Ana Maria Braga, and surprised by showing a rare photo of the complete family. The famous made a point of emphasizing that the pandemic served to bring him closer to the girls.

“If there was one thing that the pandemic brought me – the pandemic that brought so much sadness, so much misfortune, to everyone, each one suffering in their own measure – it was the opportunity to see these little ones and live with them. Because I was strictly confined, almost two years,” she commented.

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