Group of people is entitled to buy cars with up to 30% discount

MEI is entitled to buy cars with up to 30% discount. Understand this advantage.

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If you are a MEI, you know that there are different obligations to fulfill, but also several advantages. One of them is the possibility to buy cars with up to 30% discount. With this, the MEI is able to acquire a new vehicle by using the ICMS exemption for direct sales. The problem is that many people are not aware of this possibility. So, to understand more and learn how to get the discount, read the text below!

MEI is entitled to buy cars with up to 30% off

Thus, the first point to highlight is that the benefit is for both commercial and private vehicle purchases. However, the discount amount varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and also considers the model and number of vehicles purchased. Discounts can be between 2.5% and 30%.

Thus, to be entitled to the discounted purchase, simply use your CNPJ at the time of negotiation, in addition to presenting your personal documents. The idea is to prove that you are a micro-entrepreneur. Then, you can use the MEI certificate, or your CNPJ card.

Finally, it is important to research before making a purchase. This is because, as we have already explained, the choice of the automaker will impact the discount received. It is worth mentioning that record-selling cars with this type of benefit include brands such as Gol, Onix and Strada pickup. This is because the discount is greater on “popular” cars.

Important: it is necessary to respect the annual billing of the MEI. In 2022, this amount is a maximum of BRL 81,000. Therefore, choose a vehicle whose price does not exceed this amount.

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