Investing BRL 300 per month, how long will it take to accumulate BRL 100,000?

The first thing anyone who has money to spare needs to do is think about invest. Building a reserve for the future is the best way to avoid a financial squeeze or to achieve a dream.

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Imagine your goal is save BRL 100 thousand, and for that you will make an application of R$ 300 every month. In how much time Is it possible to gather the desired value?

First, it is important to consider the existence of inflation, which increases the level of prices for products and services. Taking this phenomenon into account, we are going to calculate the amount needed to have the same purchasing power of R$100,000 today, considering the years needed to combine this amount in different options.

The inflation percentage adopted was 7% per year in all calculations. If this percentage gets higher in the coming months, you will have to update the monthly investment amount in order to maintain the desired purchasing power.

How much time to invest to have R$ 100?

25 years in savings

The most time-consuming option is the traditional savings account, which would require investments of R$300 per month for 25 years. The calculation was based on a current yield of 8.1% per annum, discounting inflation of 7% per annum.

17 years at Treasury Direct

The time is much shorter when the option chosen is the Right Treasury, only 17 years. The alternative is as safe as savings, but much more profitable. In this case, the IPCA 2035 Treasury was chosen.

15 years in Real Estate Funds

The third and last option are the so-called real estate funds (FII), a little riskier than the two previous ones. To calculate the time, a yield of 9% was considered, similar to that offered by the HGLG11, one of the most popular today.

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