Is it possible to sell food stamps to someone else?

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In times of crisis, it is normal to look for ways to generate money, but is selling food stamps a viable option? Check the answer to this question!

Is it allowed to sell food stamps?

According to article 171 of the Penal Code, selling food stamps (VA) or meal vouchers (VR) characterizes the crime of embezzlement, which can result in dismissal for just cause and even imprisonment of the worker.

Therefore, under no circumstances is the VA or VR allowed to be sold. In this way, the benefit must be for the exclusive use of the individual and must not be exchanged for money for personal benefit.

What is the correct way to use the food stamp?

The correct way to use the VA is to cover food expenses at the cardholder’s house, that is, it serves the well-being of the worker and his family. The VR, on the other hand, is aimed at feeding the worker during working hours, and can be used in bars and restaurants close to the company.

Is every company required to offer a food stamp?

There is no obligation for any company to offer VA and VR cards to its employees. However, if the company chooses to offer both benefits, it will be able to participate in the Worker’s Food Program (PAT) that promotes tax relief as an incentive for companies that help in the well-being of their employees.

And the shuttle? Is it allowed to sell it?

Thus, as it works for VA and VR, the transport voucher (VT) cannot be sold either, which may result in dismissal for just cause and imprisonment for the worker who commits this crime.

However, unlike the VA and VR cards, the transport voucher is one of the rights provided for by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). In this way, the entire company is obliged to offer VT to its employees.

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