Recently, the Federal government authorized the offer of the payroll loan from the Brazil aid. Lacking the regulation of the new credit line by the Ministry of Citizenship, it is already possible to perceive that the interest rates will be higher than those offered in the sector.

According to an analysis of the financial market, interest charges should exceed 60% per year, higher than the current 26% per year charged to policyholders of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). In this sense, the beneficiaries of the social program must pay attention when contracting the credit.

The payroll-deductible modality allows the loan to be paid automatically from the monthly benefit sheet. Therefore, before receiving the allowance, the beneficiary has the portion of the debt discounted.

However, as mentioned, the new credit is worrying. Specialists already predicted the collection of abusive interest and were already questioning the great possibility of default, since the public of Auxílio Brasil are low-income people in a situation of social vulnerability.

Where to take out a payroll loan from Auxílio Brasil

According to the Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, about 17 banks are confirmed to operate the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan.

“Today we already have almost 17 financial institutions approved by the Ministry of Citizenship that are able to grant payroll loans. It is a number that shows the interest of the market in making consigned credit available to this population”, he said.

Some banks have already confirmed the credit operation as of September, such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco Pan, Banco Safra, BMG, Daycoval and Facta Financeira.

According to Banco Agi, the release of the modality is confirmed. “Agi already offers payroll-deductible loans to INSS beneficiaries and now also offers it to Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries,” said the institution.

However, some institutions have already confirmed that they will not participate in the credit operation, such as Banco Bradesco. Banco Itaú and Santander also confirmed that they will not carry out the service.

Auxílio Brasil September calendar

  • NIS ending in 1 – Received on September 19;
  • NIS ending in 2 – Receives September 20th;
  • NIS ending in 3 – Receives September 21st;
  • NIS ending in 4 – Receives on September 22;
  • NIS ending in 5 – Receives September 23;
  • NIS ending on 6 – Receives on September 26;
  • NIS ending on 7 – Receives on September 27;
  • NIS ending on 8 – Receives on September 28;
  • NIS ending on 9 – Receives on September 29;
  • NIS ending in 0 – Received on September 30th.

How to check payments?

By phone

  • The beneficiary can call the Ministry of Citizenship’s telephone number 121;
  • In addition, it is also possible to call the Caixa service center, by phone 111.

by apps

  • First, in the Auxílio Brasil app (available for free download for Android and iOS);
  • Finally, in the Caixa Tem app (available for free download for Android and iOS).

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