Luciano Camargo makes textão and declares himself to be an actor at Globo

Luciano Camargo talks about Globo’s new soap opera and praises actor on social media

On the morning of this Wednesday (07), Luciano Camargo used social networks to declare himself to Globo actor, Enrique Diaz, who is currently acting in ‘Mar do Sertão’.

On his official profile on Instagram, the country singer shared a photo of the character in the sertão and wrote an exciting text about the northeast.

Ever since “Mar do Sertão” started, I haven’t stopped thinking about these strong people from the Northeast. I am blessed by God to be able to sing, and our music is part of the lives of many Northeasterners, so much so that we have recorded many songs portraying the strength of these people… You know I’m an assumed novelist, right? I’ve lost count of how many soap operas I’ve watched and how many characters have marked my life… And, today, I want to talk about the one that has already won me over: Timbó is a simple man, who bears the marks of the land on his face, a land that he, since the first chapter, struggles to keep in his family, like many Brazilians who, in real life, they fight for their corner, for what to plant…”began the country singer

Furthermore, Luciano Camargo continued and dedicated the song ‘Seca Verde’, in which he recorded alongside Dedé Badaró.

“Enrique Diaz, I wanted to write to you, talk about how you touch us with your characters, but whenever I see you wearing the skin of Timbó, this song we recorded by the dear Dedé Badaró comes to mind. That’s why I offer you and all Northeasterners ‘Seca Verde’”, he wrote, in the sequence writing all the lyrics of the song.

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And he concluded: “What a peace the essence you bring me! Gratitude! @enriquediazbrsil Thank you for bringing us joy through your characters.”


Luciano Camargo’s publication yielded many likes and several comments from both fans and celebrities such as Enrique Diaz himself, who made a point of thanking and revealing that he was very flattered.

“What a thrill to read this text, this post! I thank you so much and I see in your words a great generosity! In addition to the fair tribute to a people who historically suffer from social hardships (even more than the weather that comes from nature) we see in the music you quote the poetry that is so alive, a rich culture and wonderful people! ” he began.

And he continued: “Thank you very much, dear, I am flattered and hoping that the lives of our dear Timbós can have the attention and care that you are showing now! And, yes, I think the novel is a beauty! Beautiful team work! A big hug, dear.”

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