Man who was with missing 12-year-old girl arrested for kidnapping, imprisonment and rape | Bauru and Marilia

According to the police, he confessed that he abused the girl, who was kept in an apartment in Jardim Paineiras. Both were found in the suspect’s car.

The vehicle was located after an anonymous tip about the girl’s boarding. The plate was reported to the Civil Police, who made a bell at the address where the car was registered, which made the act possible.

The girl underwent a crime and the result should be ready within a month. The suspect was indicted and sent to the public jail in São Pedro do Turvo (SP).

The car was seized, as well as computers and cell phones located in the apartment where the girl was staying.

The case, which is under judicial secrecy, is under the responsibility of the Women’s Defense Police Station (DDM) of Ourinhos.

Security camera footage captured the last time the 12-year-old girl was seen before she disappeared in Salto on Monday.

The girl said she would go to an aunt’s house, but did not arrive. Images from a security camera installed in Jardim Santo Inácio were used by the Civil Police investigation. (watch below).

Police investigate missing teenager in Salto

Police investigate missing teenager in Salto

The record shows the girl walking, with a backpack in her hand, around 7pm on Monday. She was wearing black pants and a pink sweatshirt.

Her mother even told the g1 that an operation with sniffer dogs was scheduled for Friday (9), to retrace the girl’s path.

According to the OR, the father accompanied his daughter to the corner, but she was no longer seen. The mother said that, during this period, the girl called her brother and told her that she had left a “gift” under her pillow, where the mother found a farewell letter.

Also according to the police report, the mother also learned, through the school where her daughter studies, that she was exchanging WhatsApp messages with an unknown man and that, in June, she was followed in front of the school. According to her mother, the girl had never run away from home before.

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