Missing 12-year-old girl is found with man 300 km from home

Girl was missing since Monday (5) - Photo: TV TEM/Reproduction

Girl was missing since Monday (5) – Photo: TV TEM/Reproduction

  • 12-year-old girl was missing since last Monday, in Salto-SP

  • She was found more than 300 km away, in Ourinhos-SP, inside a man’s car.

  • The girl even left a farewell letter for her family before running away.

A 12-year-old girl who had disappeared last Monday night (5) in Salto, countryside of Sao Paulo, was located more than 300 km from home, in Ourinhos, with a man unknown to the family.

According to information from g1, no further details were released about the moment of the meeting, but the girl was fine and inside the boy’s vehicle.

The case began to be resolved when witnesses told the police that they had seen the girl getting into a car with the Ourinhos license plate late Monday afternoon.

City police were alerted, began a search for the vehicle and located it. Both the man and the child were taken to the police station, where the case was registered.

girl left a note

The young woman was last seen in Salto, where a security camera recorded footage of her walking down the sidewalk with a backpack in hand.

That afternoon, she had left the house saying she was going to visit an aunt, but she never arrived at the agreed place. At the time, her father accompanied her to the corner of the house, but from then on, the family had no further contact with the girl.

According to the case report, the girl’s mother said that, after the disappearance, the daughter called her brother and said she had left a “gift” under his pillow. A farewell letter was found at the scene.

The mother also informed that she was informed by the school where her daughter studies that the girl had been in contact via WhatsApp with an unknown man.

The school’s report also said that the girl was followed when she left school in June.

It is not yet known, however, what motivated the girl’s escape or what the relationship between her and the man she was with.

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