Nubank: Did you receive your purple one? Find out why the limit came low and how to increase it

Without a doubt, the Nubank is one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil. Fintech usually attracts customers through its innovative and advantageous services and products, such as the credit card, the famous purple.

In this way, often when the card is granted, the user complains about the low limit released. According to Nubank, this happens due to an analysis of the applicant’s profile. See more details below.

How is the limit established by Nubank?

The Nubank credit card limit is determined according to the evaluation of the digital banking algorithm, which is constantly fed with new information.

“We are always looking for more market data to help us make better decisions for the profile of each client – ​​and we frequently carry out new analyzes on our base to give proactive limit increases, for example”, says Nubank.

From the moment someone is approved for the card Nubankfintech makes a projection of that person’s expenses, with risk analysis, usage profile and also uses external data, such as score (the score used by Serasa, which indicates the probability of people delaying or not paying a bill ), for example, to define an initial threshold and credit insurance.

“This process is done by an algorithm – an automated system that analyzes all this data and sets an initial threshold.”

How to increase the Nubank limit?

See some tips:

  • Focus expenses on your credit card: Try to use only the Nubank credit card and thus explore the entire limit.
  • Keep CPF free of restrictions: Do not let your name go to one of the credit protection institutions such as SPC and Serasa.
  • Pay the bill on time: Always keep your invoice payment on time.
  • Develop a relationship with fintech: Hire and use other services offered by Nubank.
  • Keep your income data up to date: Update your monthly income whenever it changes, especially for the better.

How to ask for a limit increase in the app?

In any case, customers can also request the increase through the app, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the application;
  2. Click on credit card and then on “Adjust limit”;
  3. Select the “Request a raise” button;
  4. Enter the desired value;
  5. Click on the arrow to go to the next screen;
  6. Choose the reason;
  7. Ready!

Once this is done, just wait for the digital bank’s response.

How to adjust the credit card limit through the app?

However, in the application it is also possible to adjust the limit already available. First of all, you will need to access the application and then:

  • Go to the credit card tab and then click on ‘Adjust limit’;
  • Then just drag the “droplet” to the left and decrease the value, or to the right and increase the value.

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