Reason that made Ticiane and Tralli break up in the past is exposed

Ticiane Pinheiro explained the reason for separation from César Tralli

Ticiane Pinheiro and César Tralli They have been married since 2017 and together they are the parents of little Manuella. Today, they are happily married and love to exchange statements on social media. But for that relationship to be the success it is today, they had to face some problems.

In an interview for PodDelas, Ticiane Pinheiro recalled that she separated from César Tralli and explained the reason for the end. “I already had a daughter, so everything went more smoothly, except that César said ‘ah, let’s get married and have a child’, but he didn’t want to get married or talk. So I was very passionate, but I said ‘the guy doesn’t want to get married or have children’, so I was kind of like that. He said yes, but I could see that I was getting involved”, she revealed.

Ticiane Pinheiro and César Tralli (Reproduction)
Ticiane Pinheiro and César Tralli (Reproduction)

She then highlighted that due to this impasse, the relationship fell apart and the best thing was the end at that moment. “One time I separated. We broke up because of that, because I wanted to get married and I wanted to have a child, and he didn’t. And he thought it was a lot of pressure. Did you understand? You know desperate? And it really was”, said Ticiane Pinheiro.

The separation served for the couple to understand that they really wanted to be together. “You walk up to the guy and say, ‘Hi, how are you? do you want to marry me and have a child?’ I already spoke. He didn’t. Then we separated, we were apart for seven months, he even wanted to come back later because he felt that I was the love of his life, that he really wanted to get married and have a child, but I wanted to make sure that he really wanted that,” she said. Is it over there.


Ticiane Pinheiro explained that after they got back together, everything happened quickly. “We hooked up and were apart for seven months. When we got back, he already asked me to marry him and that was it. We got engaged in June, we scheduled the wedding for December and Manu was born after two years. I got married in 2017, she was born in July 2019,” she delivered.

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