Rock in Rio: Guns N’ Roses fans are already waiting in line and telling stories with rock band | Rock in Rio

Today the most awaited show in the world stage from Rock in Rio is from Armas e Rosas. Fans of the American rock band are already in line eagerly awaiting the opening of the festival’s gates. Reporter Luiza Zveiter talked to the public and discovered stories from fans with the group.

Yasmin took a Brazilian flag that was once in the hands of Axl Rose.

“He came to me and asked for the flag, opened it to 70,000 people and gave it back to me. In Recife, he saw me and gave me the pick.”, he said.

Guns N’ Roses fans are already waiting in line at Rock in Rio — Photo: Globo

Fran and Fred are also admirers of the rock band. The fan managed to deliver a cangaceiro hat to the vocalist at Rock in Rio 2017.

“I played and he put it on his head, greeted the audience.”

Axl Rose with cangaceiro hat — Photo: Globo

And it wasn’t just that! The couple got engaged during the Guns N’ Roses show, in Recife, last Sunday, 4/9.

“It was in the middle of ‘November Rain’, Axl playing the piano, I was shaking all over and asked for it,” he revealed.

Couple gets engaged at Guns N ‘Roses show — Photo: Globo

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