‘There is an adoption process. Will you give me back?’

The controversy in the Miranda family seems to be far from over. After the crisis between Gretchen, her daughter Jenny Miranda and her granddaughter Bia Miranda (after the young woman had an affair with Adriano Imperador), part of the family nucleus is broken. And Thammy now doesn’t want her adoptive sister to use her mother’s name in works, reports and the like.

“How does my mother say she has seven children and now I’m not? Thammy wants to forbid me to use my last name, the last name Gretchen gave me. There is an adoption process. I am being wronged. Will they give it back to me?”, Jenny vents.

The process takes place at the Regional Forum in Barra da Tijuca, and, according to Jenny, has been in existence for at least seven years. Gretchen fights in court to legally adopt Jenny, but encountered barriers because the artist’s biological mother is alive. Jenny was a member of the musical group “The Cats”, at the time led by Thammy. After telling her story (that her mother ignored her, that she was constantly running away from home and that she was sexually abused) to Gretchen, the singer called her to live in her house and applied for a legal adoption. Jenny was 17 at the time.

She says that Thammy contacted her to say that she should no longer use her mother’s name, who blocked her on all social media accounts, including her phone. “I felt threatened. I’m not doing anything wrong. accuse me of wanting fame. what fame? I almost got hit by a woman when I went to work in Maranahão after Bia (the daughter) told a lot of lies. And now Thammy doesn’t even let me talk to my mother”, she complains: “When they needed me, when I was well financially and helped with money, I was a daughter and a sister. Now I am no more”.

Bia Miranda, Gretchen’s granddaughter, was cast in a reality show, in a preliminary selection. Now she’s in the same office that manages her famous grandmother.

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