VIDEO: Bolsonaro leaves Maracanã after being cursed by Flamengo fans

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After being ordered to be taken in the c* by the fans of Flamengo in weight in Maracanã on Wednesday night (7), the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) withdrew indignantly.

A new video shows the president leaving the stadium as the crowd continues to scream at the top of their lungs the famous chorus that has been echoing across the country.

See below:

Flamengo won

O Flamengo won the Velez Sarsfieldgives Argentinaon the night of september 7that the Maracanã, by 2 x 1 for the return match of the Copa Libertadores semifinals. With the 4-0 victory in Argentina, the red-black carioca qualified and will play in the final against Athletico Paranaense. Bolsonaro went to watch the game after fulfilling an agenda in Rio de Janeiro, where he participated in the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil, transforming it into its own electoral rally.


The cry of rejection of Bolsonaro has been chanted at the top of his lungs with increasing frequency at all types of events, especially those of a more cultural nature. Big festivals like Lollapalooza it’s the Rock in Rioin addition to performances by world-famous artists such as the carioca anitahave been the preferred locations for the demonstration.

Bolsonaro is rejected by 52% of Brazilian voters according to the latest Datafolha poll. The disastrous management of the pandemic that killed almost 700,000 Brazilians, the corruption scandals involving cracks in the family’s offices and the purchase of 51 properties in cash, in addition to the poor conduct of the country as a whole, which generated widespread impoverishment of the population, are the causes of such rejection.

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