Viviane Araujo’s son has a photo shared by the actress’s mother-in-law who makes a revelation about her grandson

With the birth of Viviane Araújo and Guilherme Militão’s first child, the actress’ mother-in-law, Yara Militão, decided to share a photo of her newborn grandson and reveal who he looks like. Guilherme Militão’s mother warmed the hearts of Viviane Araújo’s fans with the record. Joaquim was born on Tuesday afternoon (06) and had some unpublished photos of the birth released.

Yara showed her followers an image of little Joaquim and gave her opinion on who her grandson looks like. “Dad’s face”, wrote Yara. Who also spoke about the birth of Joaquim was Diogo Militão, brother of Viviane Araújo’s husband, who lives in France.

“September 6th. The day our family grew up. The day I didn’t imagine I would be so happy to see the picture of this drop of people. Joaquim barely arrived and already brought so much warmth to our hearts. Despite the distance, I try the way I can enjoy the beginning of this life that arrived receiving a lot of love, affection and affection. I’m already here excited counting the days to see my nephew up close. Now it’s Uncle Diogo”, declared Diogo.

Celebrities congratulate Viviane Araújo after the birth of Joaquim

With over a million likes on Instagram, the first record of Joaquim shared by Viviane Araújo was celebrated by several anonymous and famous people. “May God bless you always! What a joy!”, wished Juliana Paes. “Congratulations dear mom and dad. Many blessings for this new and desired family. Lots of health and love. Invite me to the christening”, wrote Luiza Brunet. Who also went through the post was Sabrina Sato, who had already drooled over the new mom. “It’s a lot of love!!!! Long live!!! What a blessing!!!”, said Sabrina. “God bless this beautiful family”, declared Eliana.

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