Centipede kills snake while half eaten: ‘Stunned’

A giant centipede did the improbable and killed the snake considered the rarest to be found in North America. the snake of the species Oolitic tantilla was found dead, with half of the centipede’s body already swallowed – and also dead – in a park in Florida, in the United States.

The specimen was found dead by a visitor to the park, in an appearance of this type of snake that had not occurred in a long time, according to the CTV News channel, which motivated a study in the journal Ecology.

He shared some photos of the creature with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which posted them on Facebook.

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) identified the snake, and according to the Florida wildlife agency, there are only about 26 known specimens in the region.

For the first time, scientists were able to study more about the eating habits of tantilla oolitica, since, until then, they did not know exactly what they ate.

“It was lovely when I saw the pictures,” said co-author of the snake article, Coleman Sheehy of the Florida museum. “It is extremely rare to find specimens that died while eating prey, we could never have predicted such a finding. We are totally dumbfounded.”

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Rare snake species swallowed centipede in half

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Adult giant centipedes can grow to the same size as the snake, which usually reaches a length of about 25 cm, according to the Florida Museum.

This snake species is not often seen as they often burrow under debris, rocks or in limestone cavities, the FWRI said.

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Scientists study the feeding of the snake species

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Researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural History created CT scans of the entangled pair and published their results in the US scientific journal Ecology.

Images from the studies show that the snake’s windpipe was bitten by the centipede, which may have cut off its oxygen supply and suffocated the predator.

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Scientists reproduced snake and centipede fight

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